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Michelle De Pacina is a reporter for NextShark and a digital journalist for ABS-CBN International news

Riding the crossroads: The battle of Manila’s jeepney drivers against modernization

MANILA – Standing as an iconic symbol of the nation’s culture and resilience, jeepneys, which are upcycled leftover World War II U.S. Willy Jeeps, were the solution to the country’s post-war public transportation problem in the early 1950s. For decades, these colorful vehicles have been the lifeblood of the nation’s public transportation system, providing an affordable means of mobility for millions of commuters everyday.

Corky Lee’s 50 years of ‘photographic justice’ chronicled in new book

Corky Lee, while studying American history at Queens College in New York in the ’60s, was struck by a photograph taken in 1869 depicting the celebration of the completion of the transcontinental railroad in Utah.

Despite learning that over 12,000 Chinese workers were involved in the project, he couldn’t find a single Chinese face in the photo. The omission immediately sparked his mission to help increase Asian American representation in mainstream media.

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